Why do we Need to be Consistent with our Marketing?

Why do we Need to be Consistent with our Marketing?

Coca-Cola’s logo has looked pretty much the same since 1887 – but why?  Consistency.  Having a consistent sound, look, and feel for your marketing is really important if you want people to recognise you and gain trust for your brand.  So let’s take a quick look at why it’s important and how you can achieve consistent marketing for your business.

Your brand is one of the most important assets of your business, helping create an impression of your organisation in people’s minds through your logo, tone of voice, colours, fonts and more.  By using the same design and imagery wherever a customer is likely to come across your business, you ensure that they recognise your company every time they see you and, more importantly, don’t mistake one of your competitors for you.  In marketing this is known as Brand Recognition.

When you show people the visual elements of your marketing again and again, they start to recognise it whenever they see it on different marketing channels, and recognise and remember your brand.

As well as helping to create more loyal customers by making it easy for them to find you, and buy from you again, a consistent look and feel helps to build credibility and a trustworthy reputation.  If customers have the same experience every time they come in contact with your brand, they are more likely to trust your business, and invest in it.

Brand Consistency and Consistent Marketing

It’s not just the visual elements that are important – brand tone of voice also helps to build trust in your customers.  Content consistency is vital to a brand’s success according to Forbes, “From social media and blogging to responding to customer reviews and replying to emails, your content needs to maintain a consistent voice, tone and style.”

To put this in a practical example, you don’t walk into an Arnold Clark car showroom and expect to be ignored – someone will approach you within a minute.  That is a consistent brand experience.  If you are ever hungry enough to open a McDonald’s burger box, you know exactly what will be inside.  You also know that all of the boxes, bags, even straw packets will have the recognisable colours and logo on them.  Brand Consistency.

The example I often use in training is my made up restaurant called ‘Wholesome Family Food’.  If you bring Gran, the kids, and your partner here for a delightful, nutritious dinner, you would expect the wait staff to approach you politely, in a welcoming manner, wearing a family-friendly uniform.  From this alone, your confidence in the brand would grow.  If a grumpy waitress stomped towards you in a neon bikini top and shorts, and slapped a grease soaked menu in front of you, your illusion of the wholesome restaurant would crumble.  Marketing consistency has to continue through every aspect of a business in order to have the greatest impact.  It takes effort, but it’s worth it.

Clear and consistent marketing will help your business to communicate with the people you want to reach.  All aspects of your marketing will start working together and help your customers respond positively to your brand. Find out more about our marketing and branding strategy services here.

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