who we are

Our Promise

our values​

These Are The Standards We Strive To Live Up To Every Day. Kuka Studios Is:


We don’t mislead our clients.


We recycle, we use public transport and switch off our lights. Where possible we use small suppliers with small footprints.


We are committed to continuous learning to ensure we are always at the top of our game.


We teach and share what we know, giving our clients the tools to maintain their own marketing.

Who We Are

We don’t pretend to be anything we’re not; we’re just good at what we do.

The guy who started it all, Harry, always wanted to start up his own agency, but there were so many in Scotland he didn’t think it was worthwhile. Then he had a crazy idea – don’t be original, just be better. Now his crazy idea has become one of the most respected small agencies in Scotland.
This unique wee team of three digital marketing geeks has been privileged enough to work for some of the biggest brands in Scotland, creating memorable campaigns that have given them happy clients and some brilliant stories.


The romance behind it all…

In 2006, Harry gave up a directorship in one of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies and started Kuka Studios in Glasgow. Then, a penniless entrepreneur, he proposed to his girlfriend of 6 months…who promptly quit her job as a marketing manager and joined him in the crazy venture.

More than 15 years later with 3 kids, a dog, a cat, a snake, and a hamster…we’re still here, running a company we are proud of.

The current 3rd member of the band is Kathleen, a kickass artist who helps Jill manage the marketing campaigns, and daily social media.

What’s A Kuka?

On travels in Africa we met the Baobab tree. It’s a cool tree. It looks awesome, and the stories about it are excellent. Its leaves are called Kuka.

Our favourite story about the Baobab is from South Africa. The bushmen say that Gawe, the Great Spirit, gave all the animals a tree to plant as part of the creation of the earth. The hyena was given the Baobab which he planted upside down. That’s why it looks like the roots are in the air. 

We figure the hyena sees the world a little differently, and so do we, so we named our company after it.

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