What’s their Face?

What’s their Face?

Facebook have given the first sign as to what its plans are for WhatsApp messenger App it bought last year, and it looks exciting.

Facebook, which acquired WhatsApp for $22 billion, has a grand plan to make Facebook Messenger a platform in its own right. The company said it would soon let Messenger users communicate directly with businesses and brands for customer service inquiries and such.


Now, it seems like Facebook is considering opening up the same functionality for its other massive chat network, WhatsApp which currently has 800 million users.

No information has been provided as to how Facebook will make money from this App; but advertising and pay for use by marketers are the best bet. The report adds that WhatsApp may use B2C (business-to-consumer) interaction that marketers will be paying for. These functions are also being tested with Facebook Messenger showing how closely aligned these two Apps are which will inevitably result in integration.


An earlier report points out that the social networking site has also added a ‘send’ button with the familiar WhatsApp icon (to its latest android update), as part of the status actions buttons that appear under each status update. This move appears to be the first move towards connecting the two platforms in order to continue growing and take control of the messaging market altogether.

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So how will this affect you or your business?

Instead of customer service departments providing email addresses you will be able to search for a company, find, and explain your issues to a real person.  A similar system is currently available on individual websites for specific issues such as BT, Microsoft and other major companies.

This platform would enable direct responses and even more tailored targeting and advertising bringing niche marketing to the forefront whilst attempting to alleviate the naming and shaming of your business online.


Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Linkedin, Trip Advisor, Dribble or a mixture of a few Kuka Studios can create tailored social media strategies and implement them to ensure it won’t be your company being named or shamed online. To find out more click here.

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