What makes a good business card?

What makes a good business card?

When we took stock of all the projects we did last year, Kuka Studios printed more business cards than any year before – so we thought it was a good opportunity to offer some tips on what our clients like and dislike about business card designs…and maybe dispel some myths…

A business card is supposed to be a little lasting impression of your business, so it needs to reflect your branding.  Note I didn’t say “reflect your industry”.   Vistaprint and the like will have you believe that accountants’ business cards should all be blue with serif fonts, and children’s nurseries should all be primary colours and use Comic Sans etc.  That’s rubbish.  Your brand, your rules.  It does not have to be black and white, it does not have to have only 2 colours and 1 font – if a professional designer is in charge they will help you navigate all of the design challenges and end up with a card that people will remember.

Don’t fill it too full though – just use the information that a potential customer is most likely to need.  Your name, email and phone number along with your company name or logo are the bare minimum usually, but often people want to add their full address, social media handles, strapline, fax numbers, maybe even a biography and a photo.  If all of that information can be found on your website, then why not just put your web address on there?

There are hundreds, possibly even thousands of options when it comes to the paper and finish you choose for your business card.  We can recommend the most popular ones, and let you feel and test all of the papers we offer to make it easier to narrow down.  All of our papers are designed to hold the ink – that means if you store them in your wallet, there will be no transfer between cards – a hallmark of cheap printing.  If you want to make your cards more resilient, we can laminate them.  This is not like the lamination you remember from school projects!  This is a protective coating in a matt, velvet or gloss finish to ensure your cards last a long time.

You don’t have to stick to the traditional shape and size either.  We usually recommend not going over credit card sized (A7) as it makes it hard for people to keep handy after you give them out, but square shaped, or with rounded corners, or even a bespoke shape are definitely possible and will help people to remember your card.  We also offer foiling, like the shiny gold and silver lettering on wedding invitations, which costs a little extra, but it is a crowd pleaser.

If you are looking for new business cards or stationery in 2020, get in touch and let’s see if we can beat last year’s record!

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