What Makes a Brand Strategy?

What Makes a Brand Strategy?

A brand is your business’s visual identity and tone of voice – in other words, how you look and how you talk. When your brand is done well, your customers see you the way you want to be seen.  It tells your customers what you do, and how you do it; what is your ethos, your purpose. The way your customers experience your business – that’s your brand.  So what’s a brand strategy?

A brand strategy is what helps your business communicate better.  It lays the roadmap for how you interact with your customers and future customers, and shapes how you will be positioned and perceived in the marketplace.  AND it should be done at the very first stage of setting up your business…before you even come up with a company name!  A Brand Strategy can inform all of the decisions you make from day one. 

OK, but don’t panic if you are ten years into your business and you haven’t done one, we can help.  First, let’s look at the 3 core elements of a brand strategy:

Who Your Customer is

It is the crux of all marketing and sales techniques – it’s easier to hit a target if you know where it is!  In order to build a brand strategy, you need to know who it is supposed to appeal to.  You should know what your customer needs, and how you solve that problem. 

There are many ways of defining your target customer.  Some businesses like to focus on an area of interest, or a geographic location, whereas others define one or more very detailed customer avatars.  If you are already trading, look back at your customers to date and use what you know about them to help inform your strategy going forward.

Who Your Competition is

Who are your customers considering alongside you?  Who are you being measured against? Once you know this you can look at how your competitors are positioning themselves in the marketplace and make decisions on where you measure against them.  Will you stand out or blend in?  What sets you apart?  Remember, you don’t need to focus only on your local market, look at your national competitors to see how they are positioning themselves.

Who You Are

The final element is the biggest of all – who are you?  In order to create a successful brand strategy, you need some self-awareness regarding your business and its products or services.  This should include the absolute basic information about what your business does and how it does it, as well as more ‘intangible’ information, for instance, the emotional benefits that your business provides.

Brand Strategies tend to include your brand story, and positioning statements that will inform how your staff speak to your customers and how you interact with people on social media and other public forums.  All of these things are developed through a combination of knowing and understanding your target customer, your competition, and your business.  So start with the basics and it will grow from there.

Overwhelmed with creating a brand strategy?  Or underwhelmed with the strategy you have?  Get in touch with Kuka Studios and we’ll get you back to just being whelmed…again…if that’s a thing…

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