What is Visual Commerce and Why Should I care?

What is Visual Commerce and Why Should I care?

This is a term we’ve been asked about a lot recently, and the subject online is unspeakably dry so here is our super short guide to Visual Commerce.

What is Visual Commerce?

In a nutshell, it’s upgrading the usual images and visuals you would use on your site.  This could be:

  • using 360 degree photos/videos of a product
  • Showing videos of a product
  • reusing user generated images of products (usually via social media channels)
  • interest and Pinterest visual commerce features (when you can click images to buy)
  • virtual ‘try on’ features
  • or a hundred other things!

Basically it’s creating an awesome, visual, online shopping experience.

Why should you care?

Lockdown/quarantine/social distancing – whatever we’re calling it – has thrown one of ecommerce’s biggest problems into sharp relief.  People cannot touch, try, smell or get close to your products and a few stock images of them from the manufacturer’s website is not a substitute!

We’ve all enjoyed laughing at people who have bought bargain furniture online only to discover that it was for a dollhouse – now imagine how mortified you would be if one of your customers declared that your products did not look like they expected them to!

Better photos and ‘social proof’ are the key to happy customers who are willing to put their trust in your website.


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