What is Dribbble?

What is Dribbble?

what is dribbble

Dribbble describes their social network as “show and tell for designers” where web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers and other creative types share screenshots of their work, process and current projects.

Everyone is working towards answering Dribbble’s question:
What are you working on?

Companies and designers use the social media site to promote their own work, to find designers and receive work enquiries. Users post (or ‘shoot’ if we are to use correct Dribbble lingo) their images and their followers see them and comment on them.

Sounds like any other social media site process? Well it’s not. One cannot simply post their content to the site.

When a user (Dribbbler) creates an account, they are known as a ‘prospect’. Firstly, Dribbblers link to their website on their profile and then interact with other artists to get noticed. In order to be able to become a ‘shooter’, you have to be drafted by a member of Dribbble. Such exclusivity is unlike most social media websites, however new social media website ‘Ello, are invitation-only too, find out more here.

Interact with established users through following and admiring their work. This will increase your chances of being drafted, as will working on your own graphic creations and uploading them to your own site for potential drafters.

The idea behind this process is quality control, which is the reason Dribbblers are limited to 24 posts per month. Thus encouraging them to post their best images and keep the site looking good.

Dribbble periodically issues invitations to members for them to draft prospects. However, that is not the only way to be able to post.

Users can sign up to Dribbble for free, however there are ‘pro’ and ‘team’ options which provide certain benefits. The process of having to be drafted can be avoided through the ‘team’ option, where users can immediately upload their work.

what is dribbble

We’ll be posting soon, but for the mean time check us out on Dribble here.

We’re getting involved because we are pretty passionate about design, our lead designer originally trained as an illustrator meaning we can produce the perfect image for your brand, check it out here.

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