What do you need to know before you build a course?

What do you need to know before you build a course?

So you want to build a course…where do you start? It doesn’t matter whether it’s a face-to-face workshop, or an elearning course, the route to success is the same…

1. What are you trying to teach them?

Setting your learning objectives has to be the first step, but it’s one that people often skip, or believe that the outcomes will somehow appear as they work through the writing process. If you don’t start with what you are trying to achieve, you won’t know if your course is a success.

2. Who are you teaching?

How old are they? Are they good with tech or will they need lots of guidance? Are they new employees or existing staff? Are they looking forward to taking the training or is it something they are being made to do?

An elearning specialist can help you to create learner profiles, but even a basic understanding will improve your course.

3. What will happen if you don’t create this course?

If you figure out what the negatives will be if you don’t create the training, it can help you to focus on what the real impact will be if the course is successful, and what the training will need to do to meet those goals.

4. What type of course will it be?

Obviously knowing if it is a ‘live’ course or elearning training is important, but beyond that, will it be:

  1. Linear or Interactive
  2. Video only or mixed
  3. Information only
  4. Hybrid learning
  5. Live or Asynchronous
  6. Individual or Collaborative

There are so many choices, and a professional can help you choose the best fit for your learners.

5. How will you test the learning?

Will you give learners the chance to practice their new skills? Quizzes, gamification, a bit of healthy competition? If you outline these needs before you start it will make it easier to build them in successfully.

And when everything is over, how will you check the course is a success?

When we set out building a new course, we find out these answers before we make a start. Our experience has shown us that these are the key things that will lead to a successfully designed course, and happier learners.

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