Websites with a booking system

Websites with a booking system

Over the last year we’ve built websites with integrated online booking systems for a full range of businesses. Some need the website to work with their current internal booking systems, and others need a replacement for pen and paper or a spreadsheet – either way, we can help. Here are just some examples where we have created online booking systems:

1. Restaurant Booking
We can integrate with your table booking system so that people can make a reservation live on your website. Whether you use Restaurant Diary, the Booking Geeks, Open Table or even a bespoke system, we can ensure your website and in-house systems connect in real time.

2. Training courses
We recently created an online booking system for Connect 3, an independent Scottish training company. The original designed website allows users to book training courses in Glasgow and Edinburgh through the Eventbrite system, taking payments and deposits depending on the type of course and its duration.

3. Appointment booking
For plumbers, beauty therapists, wedding bands, car garages, and even taxi firms. Whatever system you use to manage your appointments, we can find a way to integrate it with your website to make sure you never have a double-booking, or an empty slot!

4. Cinema and theatre tickets
We can integrate with the major cinema and theatre ticket booking systems, and a few of the more niche ones. We’ve worked for a major leisure provider in Scotland so our methods are tried and tested.

Even if you use pen and paper or Post-it Notes right now, we can develop a system to bring everything together for you, saving you time and energy in keeping track of everything. If you think a booking system could bring value to your website and your customers, but you’re not sure how it would work with your current method of taking bookings, get in touch.

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