Website Upgrade: Timeless by Liana

Website Upgrade: Timeless by Liana

We have had the pleasure of working with Liana for years and always enjoy helping her to improve her thriving business.

The website runs on Shopify, and the team were looking for advanced integration and automation functionality to bring their storefront up to a higher standard, and increase their revenue potential with automated messages and a new loyalty system.

The work we’ve completed recently to upgrade this Shopify website has included:

  1. Website audit leading to redesigns and tweaking of the user journey and full system update.
  2. Replacement of plugins such as Facebook that were no longer supported and had a very tight deadline to end of life.
  3. Replacement and implementation of new reviews system.
  4. GDPR functionality added.
  5. Product list imports carried out.
  6. Integration of a third party system with triggers/flows put in place to automate marketing and site communications to customers.
  7. This also led to the creation of new marketing opportunities like collecting birthdays for customer birthday offers.
  8. Back in stock notifications implemented.
  9. Integration of new loyalty points system.
  10. Creation and configuration  of new market places so that the client can sell internationally.
  11. Implementation of weight based delivery options to meet new courier supplier (per country)

The website is now performing at its best and doing more than it ever has done before for the organisation and it’s customers and we are so proud of it.

Visit the website here

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