Website Upgrade: Angel Anne

Website Upgrade: Angel Anne

Angel Anne came to Kuka in the hope that we could help with technical integrations that other agencies had turned down.

She had an existing site but wanted to expand its functionality so that it would integrate with the third party tools that she uses in her very successful operation.

The work included:

  1. Emergency care – gaining access to the site after it had been infected with malware and removing all infection.  Introducing robust security firewalls and ensuring site was fully up-to-date
  2. Full server move as her hosting services were changing and would no longer support her package
  3. Full site audit, leading to key pages such as home being redesigned to optimise the customer journey (and revenue), Search engine optimisation, tools and analytics put in place
  4. Understanding, and fixing her bookings and events systems including Woocommerce and how it was all set up (streamlining the process)
  5. Upgrading her events functionality and integrating with Mailchimp.  Purchases on venues are now integrated with geo specific lists on Mailchimp allowing for targeted marketing for upcoming events
  6. Fixing and upgrading her private bookings to integrate with Google calendar, leading to the removal of double entry and dual system management
  7. Training videos to ensure that her whole team are able to maintain and monitor the website and marketing.

We enjoyed every moment of working with Anne and her team, and we are really excited about the future of this relationship.

Visit the website here

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