Website Launch – Tennamast

Website Launch – Tennamast

Tennamast is a leading manufacturer of yacht cradles, boat trailers and masts.  The firm had established branding and a website, but they wanted to build on what they already had; adding more functionality while maintaining the website’s current design.  So their key requirement was to improve, not start from scratch.

The existing website had been built as a WordPress multisite – two websites functioning as one.  This made it slow and unneccessarily complicated to update, so first we converted it to a single site for easier maintenance.

Next we extended the website’s functionality to include a full ecommerce system for online ordering of the company’s products; a ‘Request a Quote’ option for bespoke and a product selection wizard (the cradle selector).

The end result? A website that looks just as good as it always did but with new functionality and a much more user friendly content management system (CMS).


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