Website Launch: Eadha

Website Launch: Eadha

As usual, we’re so busy we’re falling behind on our site launch announcements! But I’ll try to catch up before the end of the year…honest.

A few weeks ago we launched a new website, but to the untrained eye it is the same as the customer’s old site! That’s because the team at Eadha wanted an exact replication of their existing website using brand new technology. The original website was built by another development team in Ruby and it was no longer cost-effective to maintain or update by the client. It was also on expensive hosting and generally did not suit the client’s needs any longer. However, Eadha loved their website and didn’t want to lose it; so enter the Kuka team…

We recreated the website in WordPress to move it to a new admin user interface that is more adaptable, user-friendly and (importantly) future-proofed! As well as an up-to-date software running the website, it also now benefits from being mobile responsive and more accessible to visitors.

Despite not having to go through the design or content process, it was still a complex site to create, as the old website had a geo-directory of project sites. We solved the problem by treating the projects like ‘venues’ and developing a directory to display everything as it had been before. The project section is now much easier to update for future projects, and judging by how busy the Eadha team are, we’re sure this will continue to grow quickly!

Thanks to Eadha for trusting us with the project, and we’re very grateful for getting to support a fabulous local business. Take a look at the website and let us know what you think!

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