Website Launch – Boilers & Bathrooms

Website Launch – Boilers & Bathrooms

We have first hand experience of how awesome a plumbing firm Boilers & Bathrooms Ltd. are, so we were pretty flattered when they chose Kuka to help them come up with a logo and website for their relaunch.  Harry started with the logo design and after playing around with colour palettes and various designs, the team chose this one…which we are super happy with:

We then created business cards and some other designs for branded merchandise for the team, and finally the all important new website. We took care of the copy, design and build for the team, and search engine optimisation is well under-way.

So if you’re in Renfrewshire and looking for an awesome plumber, go to Boilers and Bathrooms…but if you fancy a shiny new logo or website, give Kuka a call.

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