Web Design Trends | Kuka Studios Future Four

Web Design Trends | Kuka Studios Future Four

Kuka Studios Web Design team are going to give us an insight into the  future web design trends on the www. First we are going to reflect briefly on what we as users of various websites have seen in the recent past such as we always had a menu across the top and/or down the side, and other elements contained in boxes so that we can easily see them and follow the commands. More recently a diversity in colour, pictures, illustration and typography, but still maintaining the traditional “user friendly” layout.

Web Designers have also begun to combine tried-and-tested elements such as a top bar menu in creative and experimental ways. The following five trends, are presented individually but in fact many of these elements are combined in new ingenues ways and will probably lead to the most popular layouts for 2016.

1. Tiles or Blocks

Put simply the page is divided into several tiles – these blocks may be all the same size if the elements are of equal importance or different sizes, based upon the order of importance of the content that is displayed. These modules can be used on pages other than just the home page, and are designed to be flexible, so as to change size to fit full PC screens or reduced to fit screens of mobile devices.


The tiled or blocked in approach gives a clear structure to a page and instead of a top menu the user simply scrolls and clicks. This allows immersive imagery to be combined with great content leading to a crisp, clean and freshly designed page.

2. Split Screens

The split screen layout features a vertical divide that can present two completely different elements. The reasons for this type of layout are two-fold:
The first could be there is two things to promote such as the example below, The Social in Glasgow designed by our head designer Harry.

Secondly the business may want to promote the essentials of its niche on one side and present media or photos on the other half – giving the opportunity for your business to introduce staff or examples of products or services

The Social

3. Big Background

In addition to split screens and tiled screens certain businesses prefer to focus on they’re environment they operate in or are surrounded by such as this example from Open Water Swimming Events, again designed by the Kuka Web Design and Development team.

If they are busy backgrounds, than the other design elements in the middle and foreground must be minimalist; however, a more minimalist background will support busier middle and foreground elements.

open w

4. Container-Free Layouts

Web design and web designers have always utilised boxes, shapes and lines to divide content and provide a clear structure. For example headers and footers being menus and contact forms. Though the unconventional new trend gaining popularity is centred around removing any graphic or structure in order to create a more “ free and open” page

This trend has some similarities with minimalism but it also goes a step further. Minimalism often still uses simple, linear structures, while this new “container-less” completely strips any visual packaging. Forcing the content to be the centre of attention on the page in conjunction with the typography, imagery or animation.


Finally, our head designer originally trained as an illustrator. He’s had shows of his artwork produced across Scotland. His team can create the perfect image for your brand, and has represented countless through strong imagery whilst incorporating your brand colours and ideas.

At Kuka Studios we provide everything from full brand development, logo design, websites, corporate stationery, brochures and publications & exhibition stands. Why not get in touch today or see our client work here.


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