Is Twitter right for my business?

Is Twitter right for my business?

Welcome to the second article in our series looking at choosing the right channels to market your business. Twitter is the ‘celebrity’ network. A-listers are seen tweeting from the green rooms of chat shows, the sets of films and behind the curtain at concerts. When Twitter floated on the stock market 6months ago, despite the firm having only ever made a loss – the company was valued at £11billion. My point? This network isn’t going away anytime soon

Who uses Twitter?
So, apart from Stephen Fry and Obama, who uses Twitter? It’s a young audience, with Twitter and Instagram pairing so well they seem to be gaining strength over Facebook in the under 30 demographic. However, if the statistics are to be believed, Twitter users are more educated, and higher paid than Facebook users, and more influential. A Tweet by a famous user can bring down a website in seconds, or call a flash mob or create whatever other chaos they want to! The graphic below shows that similar to other social networks, the over 60’s demographic is increasing year on year.


Source: Politicit

What’s it great for?
The top five things that Twitter does better than other social networks:
1.The feed:
Some might say that this is a matter of preference but Twitter does not try and dictate what is important in your feed, it is strictly chronological with only one ‘sticky’ tweet you can set at the top of your profile. There’s no clever algorithm, you decide what your customers see by when you Tweet it.
2. Connecting with customers:
Twitter is the platform for instantaneous feedback, answers and support. It’s the perfect ground to connect to your customers in realtime.
3. Instagram connection:
It’s estimated that 50% of Twitter users have an active Instagram account. If visuals are important to your business, having these two giants as the foundation of your social media strategy is ideal.
4. Network Support:
I’ve had contact with the support network for every social network I’m reviewing, and LinkedIn and Twitter are equal for first place in customer service. If someone infringes on your brand, or something goes wrong, or you just need help, these guys are amazing.
5. Virality:
Twitter is the master of ‘viral’. That selfie by Ellen at the Oscars? It was seen 32.8 million times on Twitter alone…Tweets are designed to be shared, forwarded and retweeted.

What’s it not so great for?
1. In depth posts:
If you want a space to post lengthy articles – Twitter’s 140character space just is not for you.
2. If you don’t want interaction:
Twitter users like to respond, they crave voicing their opinions. If that scares you, stay away!
3. If you don’t have time:
You can set up all the alerts you like, but frequent visits to Twitter is the best way to stay on top of the trends – it takes time.

Any top tips?
Firstly, the same rules that applied for Facebook apply here:
1. Use your profile:
Fill out every ounce of information you are given space for.
2. Use the images:
Use your profile and header images properly. There’s no excuse for a squished logo and a stock-photo header.
3. Be active:
Don’t force people to go looking for you, pop up on their feeds
4. But not too active:
Once or twice a day is enough, don’t fill up people’s news feeds!
5. Don’t be a talking logo:
Don’t be afraid to show some personality, no one wants to have a conversation with a robotic voice behind a logo!

BUT also:
5. Be consistent
Most active Twitter users are DAILY Twitter users, that means that if you don’t tweet for weeks then tweet 40times in one afternoon…they won’t be happy.
6. Don’t neglect your grammar!
140characters is not an excuse to Tweet like your mum texts – don’t drop letters and check your spelling and grammar. You’re a voice for your business, be professional.

So that’s what we think anyway. If you need some more advice, why not check out our Pinterest board on Twitter for Business, or get in touch to find out about our Twitter Training.

Next week I’m looking at Pinterest as the next article in our ‘Which Social Media Channel?’ Series.

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