It’s System Administrator Appreciation Day!

It’s System Administrator Appreciation Day!

We love them. You probably do too without knowing it. System Administrators keep us trucking day in and day out, and today is the day to show them we care! International System Administrator Appreciation Day is to celebrate the hard work of sysadmins, the time and effort these magic men and women put into making our networks function and our back ups run, even during the most ungodly hours!

According to founder Ted Kekatos, in appreciation of their workplace contributions, system administrators are to be spoilt rotten on Sysadmin Day, or SAD. According to our own team, sysadmins should be showered with gadgets, coffee and they should never hear a stupid question on this hallowed day (good luck guys).

So for the team, try switching it off and back on again, then tweet #SysAdminDay as a salute!

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