Social Media – The Facts

Social Media – The Facts

Social Media – The Facts

Us marketers are constantly talking about social media. But do we have any proof that you should be bothering with it? It just so happens that we do. With almost 2.1 billion people using social media it is the largest activity on the internet. You would be mad to not want that kind of exposure. Interestingly enough 74% of consumers rely on social media to inform their decisions when purchasing. Decisions on purchasing are more often than not based on trust. It is this metric of trust that the Social Media savy are capitalising on. Trust in a brand or trust in peer recommendation if a growing purchase factor. 90% of people trust a recommendation made by a peer opposed to the 14% that trust advertising. Social Media IS the most personal way to approach your customers.


Facebook is by far the largest social network with nearly 1.4 billion users. 47% of people who use the internet are on Facebook. On top of this 1 out of every 7 minutes online are spent on Facebook. It is a platform with endless amount of exposure opportunities, and guess what? Its FREE. Yes that’s right, almost every social media platform is free to sign up to and use.


Whilst Facebook is an obvious starting point, Twitter is a lot more clever. The character limit is capped to 140. This makes Tweets more compact than Facebook posts. There is more skill involved in Tweeting but hash-tags allow for excellent targeting. Top this off with a staggering 284 million users and 500 daily tweets it is a busy and exciting place.


Facebook and Twitter dominate the consumer market but if you are focusing on business to business you cannot give LinkedIn a miss. As one of the oldest social media network (founded in 2002, 2 years before Facebook) LinkedIn has a massive user count of over 364 million professionals. Indeed, this number is growing at a rate of 2 new users every second. Groups focused on specific topics and industries allows you to discover your customers and target them.


On the other-side of the professional LinkedIn is the picture and video sharing platform – Instagram and its statistics are impressive. There are over 300 million users on Instagram with 70 millions videos and photos shared daily. If you are a company who uses alot of graphics then get on Instagram ASAP – as we mentioned before, its free!


This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of different platforms to try and most will put your brand in-front of the people who want to find it. Other notable social media platforms that we would reccomend are Youtube, Pintrest, Vine, Google+, Foursquared and many more.

Is Social Media getting you down? We can help! At Kuka Studios we have a whole team dedicated to designing and generating your Social Media Success. Don’t stand by while competitors steal your customers via Social Media – get in touch today!


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