Happy Social Media Day!

Happy Social Media Day!

Social Media Day was launched by Mashable just a few short years ago in 2010, but of course the phenomenon has been around much longer than that! In a geeky office like Kuka Studios, we’ve been involved for longer than many of us care to remember – misguided MySpace pages, embarrassing Bebo accounts…long before Social Media was embraced by business, we used it for frivolous fun. Today we reminisced about how much we missed the days before the networks were taken over by the corporate world.

Of course, now we get to enjoy the world of social media #fails, we stay on top of world events as they happen and even before they make the news we can see them on YouTube or read about them on Twitter. The pros from the growth of Social Media far outweigh the cons, and brands are some of the most positive influencers in the growth – but they can also ruin it for everyone.

Content marketing is massively important for brands, but it has to be done correctly. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of people would rather learn about a company via an article than an ad. Good content marketing on social media allows companies to react in real time, provide increased transparency, and create a strong brand identity at a fraction of the price of traditional marketing tactics, and in less time.

So if you take anything away from Social Media Day, please take these three rules:
1. Take it seriously, but don’t be boring
2. It’s a conversation, not a billboard to sell your wares
3. Be honest, authentic, and relevant

Enjoy your day!

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