Logos & Branding

If you are currently looking for an agency to develop (or redevelop) your logo and branding, you’ll be fed up reading about how ‘first impressions count’, how your brand needs to ‘represent everything about your business’, and how ‘everything starts with your logo’. Daunted much? Overwhelmed at all? No wonder.

Yes logos are important, your whole brand is – but it is also the most super fun thing in the world to develop! There is NOTHING we love more than building a brand from scratch.

What’s in a Brand?

A brand is your business’s visual identity and tone of voice – in other words, how you look and how you talk. When we do a good job, your customers see you the way you want to be seen.

We help you tell your customers what you do, and how you do it; what is your ethos, your purpose.

How we do it

You can pick and choose from as much help to as little input as you need. We can just create a logo for you, or use an existing logo and build you a brand identity with stationery, slide templates – all those necessary evils. Or we can come in and help create guidelines on how you speak on your website, socials, videos – making sure everything that goes out from your business sounds the way you want it to.

Our full branding service includes a ‘brand book’ which keeps everything you, your staff, and any suppliers need to know about your colours, fonts, and everything else that makes up your brand personality.

It all starts with a chat – so get in touch and let’s see how we can work together.

Print Services include:

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