Promote your blog – a beginner’s guide

Promote your blog – a beginner’s guide

Promote Your Blog

So – you’ve got the content, you’ve got the site, but where on earth are your readers? Like anything online (or off) people are not just going to find you. You have to find them. You have be noticeable to be noticed. This is where blog promotion comes in.

Promoting your blog can be difficult and traffic won’t just come. There are many complex ways to promote your blog but this guide will cover the most practice methods that will provide the best results. As with most things, the more straight forward the better.

Here goes!

Social Media

If you aren’t already on social media and looking to build a brand do it! Social media is free to use and the reach is unbelievable. The major pro with social media is trust. People will trust your blog more if it has social support and social media websites are a great platform to share your content on.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process (or art) of making your blog show in search engine results page. Search engine’s can generate a lot high quality traffic to your site if you treat them right.  It is hard to promote your blog through search engines without the correct optimization. SEO can be time consuming to do on your own but costly if you hire someone to optimize your site. Check out this beginners guide to SEO.

Blogging Networks

Join blogging networks and online communities. This is one of the best ways to promote your blog to a relevant audiences. Find forums relevant your subject and engage in discussion before subtlety dropping a link to your site. However, please don’t post your link on irrelevant sites or only pop into a form to rant and rave about your blog – the internet is spammy enough.

Reach Out

In the world of blogging your fellow bloggers are your friends. Write to bloggers and influencers, make social relationships and collaborate on content. Guest blogging is a great way to promote your blog with another site’s audience. Don’t be shy – people do this and get great traffic results, the hardest part is asking.

Pay for it

Try the above steps and you will be guaranteed a permanent increase of readership (so long as your content is fresh). However if you are struggling to generate the traffic you may want to pay for visibility. Things like SEO and site design are crucial to developing your site. If your site does generate revenue it is recommended to re-invest some cash back into your site.


Search Engine Optimization is vital for steadily increase your readership. The basic of SEO are fairly easy to understand but more technical aspects require an in-depth subject knowledge. Getting professional technical optimization of your site is recommended.

Our top tip when considering paying for SEO is to only use a white hat agency. A white hat agency practices ethical and ‘non-aggression’ search engine marketing that passes search engines rules. On the other hand black hat agencies will use dirty methods that search engines hate and may get your site banned from search engine results.


Google Adwords is a good way to promote your blog and increase your traffic. The best thing about Adwords is that you only pay when people click on your ad. Google also has a large number of sites available on their Ad Sense network. This lets you target your ads to people interested in your subject.

Social Media Ads

Paying for social media ads can be a good way to promote your blog. Recently their targeting system has been improved and you can target people based on a number of variables, including interests! This method can increase you social fan base and in turn increase the trust associated with you via social media – improving your readership

Well done for deciding to promote your blog! We hope this guide helps you achieve the readership you need. Kuka Studios is a digital marketing agency in Renfrewshire. Over the years we have helped hundreds of companies, bloggers and individuals gain web supremacy.

Kuka Studios offer Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Web Site Design and Development and everything in between. We can help you promote your blog. Give us a call for a quick chat or pop into our Renfrewshire office in Lochwinnoch for a hot drink and let’s talk strategy!

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