Pinterest for Business Tips

Pinterest for Business Tips

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is basically an online pinboard, driven entirely by visuals – you can’t share something on Pinterest unless an image is involved.

‘Pinners’ (Pinterest users) pin visual bookmarks of stuff that can be found anywhere around the web or uploaded directly from a device.  You then organise your pins into boards that you create – based on a theme or topic.

Pinterest for Business Tips

Not sure if it’s right for you? Find out here if Pinterest is right for your business!

Pinterest for Business Tips

  1. Promote your account across your other social media platforms
    Add the Pinterest button to your website and promote your account through your other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram.
  2. Create board on specific topics
    Start resourceful boards using a few keywords that you already use in your SEO.  Having this set up will mean you are ready to add other pinners pins to your collection!
  3. Check Pinterest analytics regularly
    In order to get the best results, you need to check analytics regularly to see what is working and what isn’t! Pinterest analytics allow you to track what people are interacting with on your Pinterest.
  4. Engage with other pinners
    Follow users that you want to follow you back, like and comment on their pins – interaction is likely to lead to a follow.
  5. Promote your blog content
    If you have a blog, use photos on it that could be successful on Pinterest.  Pin these images on your Pinterest board and you will drive traffic directly to your blog posts!
  6. Emboard a board on your website
    Follow our guide on how to embed a board on your website

We can set up social media accounts, provide training or even manage them.

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