5 Marketing Resolutions for 2015

5 Marketing Resolutions for 2015

New Year, New Marketing

It is set to be a record breaking year for digital media in the UK, with predictions that we will be the first country in the world where more than half of advertising spend goes to digital media. An expected 50% of a whopping £15.7 billion will go on digital and online media. So it is essential that you get your digital presence in shape for the New Year!

Instead of a New Year’s resolution to lose some weight or kick a bad habit – concentrate on your business! That way you are making improvements – and can still eat cake – hooray!

These 5 resolutions will ensure you maximise your online presence. Resolutions that don’t involve excruciating exercise or chocolate culling, what more can you ask for?

Top 5 Digital Marketing Resolutions for 2015

1. Blog, Blog, Blog.

In a nutshell, a blog is a great opportunity for customer engagement, producing fresh content for your website and reaching into new markets.

Blogging drives more traffic to your website, every time you publish a post; it is one more indexed page on your website. It shows Google and other search engines that your website is active – resulting in increasing the opportunity of showing up in search engines.

We can launch blogs, re launch blogs, train you to get the most for your blog… or if it’s not your thing, we can even manage them.

2. Be more visual.
Since 1990, the use of visualized information has increased 400% in literature.

Neomam Studios perfectly illustrates why your brain craves infographics – with an infographic.

3. Plan your Social Media.
Social Media Icons
Social media doesn’t need to be confusing or time consuming, but it does have to be a quality representation of your business, so it is best to know what you are doing.

Whatever the platform, we can help you with training and management.

4. Stop looking for new customers.

Get your customers to find you.

Through delivering more targeted traffic to your website and improving your brand’s visibility and reputation online, you can drive customer to your website.

Find out more here.

5. Make sure your website is responsive.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will be well aware that the age of the smart phone is well underway. It is essential that your website is responsive as it makes for easy reading and navigation with minimum re-sizing and scrolling.

Responsive website design will enable your website to be compatible with a wide range of devices – from desktop computer monitors to tablets and mobile phones.

We wish you every success for the New Year ahead!

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