How to Market with Pokemon Go!

How to Market with Pokemon Go!

how to market with pokemon go

Pokemon Go!

Have you joined the hype yet? Pokemon Go could be this year’s best app, so far anyway. With a higher usage time than Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and Twitter it is easy to see why many businesses are desperately trying to find creative ways to use this app to attract more customers to their business.

How to Market with Pokemon Go!

Whilst some businesses are complaining about Pokemon Go players being annoying or inappropriate, it can be used to drive in-store foot fall and online visibility. This is why so many people are wondering how to market with Pokemon Go! Follow our tips to ensure you make the most of the Pokemon hype.

Make your Business a Pokestop

Pokestops are where players can go to pick up cool new items. All players visit Pokstops daily and the increase in footfall could be just what your business needs.

Pokestops are generally landmark buildings or points of interest. Fun fact – Pokemon Go used Ingress locations to determine which sites would be Pokestops. If your business is already a Pokestop then great! However, if your business is not, you can request a Pokestop for your local business.

Stick a Lure on Your Pokestop

Lures are items that can be put onto Pokestops. These items attract, or ‘lure’ (hence the name) Pokemon to the spot. this makes the frequency of wild Pokemon that can be caught higher. A nice trick many bars and restaurants are doing is alerting their social media followers that they will be putting on lures from a certain time, allowing customers to come down, grab dinner or drinks and play Pokemon (yes, this does happen). A lure costs 79p and is definitely worth it!

Offer Free WiFi and Charging

Demand for portable batteries have increased 50% with users of Apple phones reporting a 20% drop in battery after playing the game for 30 mins. It also eats data at 5mb per 30 mins of play time. However, T-mobile are offering free mobile data for Pokemon Go.

This being said, simply offering people out on the Poke-hunt a place to stop off and recharge or use WiFi can increase your store visits. It also ties in with the whole ‘culture of care’ buzz phrase.

Pokémon_Go_PlusEncourage Checkins

To synchronise off-line store visits and on-line visibility encourage customers in store to check-in on-line. This should always be done, however with Pokemon Go get customers to post pictures of Pokemon caught at your location. This will show their friends which Pokemon are available at your location.

If you’ve not played Pokemon Go yet this article may be a bit confusing. Our best piece of advice would be to play the game first before trying to use it to market your business. Download Pokemon Go from the App Store or Google Play. Happy Hunting!





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