How to make your Tweets more effective

How to make your Tweets more effective

You know the old complaint of the comedian? “Whenever I tell someone what I do for a living they say ‘tell us a joke’.” That’s how I feel when I tell people I’m in Digital Marketing at business events. Here are some of the glorious non sequiturs I faced at a conference last week:

“Facebook is just a fad, next year no one will use it”
“My nephew built our website and it’s amazing”
“Who needs training? Anyone can just ‘do’ marketing.”
And, my personal favourite: “I just don’t ‘get’ Twitter”

So you don’t ‘get’ Twitter, that’s cool. I’m sure your customers and your competitors don’t either…oh wait, they do? I know they do, you know they do. Twitter isn’t hard to understand, and once you ‘get’ it – it’s hard to put down!

The trouble is, people don’t see the results from social media marketing, because they make a half-hearted attempt at it for a short-period of time without really planning it. If you want to see the results and get the motivation that comes from that, make your Tweets effective.

So here are my top 5 tips to make your Tweets more effective:

1. Plan
Make a calendar and decide what you’re going to Tweet about and when you’re going to do it. Use Twitter’s #Own TheMoment tool to help.

2. Call to Action
If you want people to do something because of your Tweet (call, click, contact) then remember to put that call to action in the Tweet.

3. Schedule
Use Twitter’s own business tool, or a third party tool like Hootsuite to schedule your Tweets in advance to make sure life doesn’t get in the way.

4. Measure
Take time to look at how and when people are interacting with your Tweets, and be encouraged by the good responses

5. Act.
When you know what works and when, create more of the engaging content and publish it at the most successful times.

For more help, get in touch to find our about our Twitter training and management services.

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