Make Digital Marketing your New Year’s Resolution

Make Digital Marketing your New Year’s Resolution

2016 is the year for you to take your marketing efforts online – if you have not done so already!  Whatever your industry, the majority of your customers use the internet, so the scope a digital marketing campaign can give your company is incredible.  Below are the main reasons we believe you should take your marketing online in 2016.

We are assuming you already have a website as a focus for your digital marketing efforts – but if you’re not there yet, have a look at our web design services.



The biggest thing a digital marketing campaign will let you do is engage with customers in the method that works best for them.  As I mentioned before, statistics tell us that the majority of your potential customers will be taking to the internet to interact with companies they like.  A Digital marketing strategy will allow you to generate a content strategy that will help create quality, engaging content to be synchronised across all platforms. Today 50% of large corporations admit to having a content strategy. If it works for them it can work for you.


A clever, well executed digital strategy will allow you to directly compete with large companies. Through the use of local SEO (search engine optimisation), small businesses are now able to directly compete with industry leaders for local market share. SEO is a cornerstone of a digital marketing plan. Other methods such as PPC (pay per click search marketing) allow you to pay for traffic, directly acquiring market share from industry leaders.

By engaging on social media smaller businesses can come across as more human or ‘more real’ than larger companies and, therefore, become instantly more appealing. Through delivery of a smart, friendly social media campaign you could quickly become a potential customer’s number one choice for their next purchase.

Improve Conversions

One of the main aims of a digital marketing strategy is to improve the conversions on your site. Conversion goals can be directly linked to your company’s KPIs and can be easily measured.  Because good digital marketing campaigns improve conversion rates by driving more, quality traffic to your website, you can demonstrate clear return on investment for your online efforts.

These are only a few of the reasons why you should make sure creating a digital marketing strategy is one of your New Year’s resolutions.  Kuka Studios is a digital marketing agency based in Renfrewshire. Over the years we have helped hundreds of small, medium and large businesses realise their online potential and we can help you too. If you want to talk digital please get in touch.


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