LinkedIn Tips to Maximise Your Profile

LinkedIn Tips to Maximise Your Profile

LinkedIn is the social network for professionals, whether it be for networking, hiring, gathering sales leads, finding a job or staying up to date with industry news. Here are our top LinkedIn tips to maximise your profile.

1. Customise your URL
Change the meaningless URL that LinkedIn automatically creates to something more personal (and professional):

Settings -> Edit Profile -> Customise URL

When updating, it can annoy your contacts if they are alerted to every single change. So to avoid this, follow the steps below in order to turn off activity broadcasts:

Edit -> Privacy Controls -> Turn Off Activity Broadcasts

3. Join groups
Joining relevant groups to your industry will help you connect to people who are in your target audience, but may not be all ready be contact. Stay active in these groups, answering questions and making suggestions.

When you find a group that looks promising, click the more tab underneath the group’s name and select statistsics. This will give you an insight into the groups demographics and how active the group members are.

4. Know your skill set
Know your top 5 skills that you want to be recognised for and use them throughout your profile – repeatedly. For example, in the summary and throughout all your experience descriptions.

5. Be invisible
With the default LinkedIn settings, whenever you browse a member’s profile, they are alerted with details about you. If you don’t want people to see when you view their profile, it is possible to change your viewing settings to Anonymous.

Privacy & Settings > Select what other see when you view their profile > Anonymous

6. Have a pro profile picture
According to LinkenIn, accounts with profile pictures are seven times more likely to be viewed. Make sure your headshot is professional through using a high quality image with good lighting and ultra sharp focus.

7. Add media
Keep your profile intersting, add different types of relevant media on a consistent basis.

8. Give and receive recommendations
Recommendations are a two way street! Give them, and receive them – don’t be afraid to ask for them and be generous with your praise.

9. Customize standard connection message
When building a connection, LinkedIn provides the option to customize the standard message – do it! Nothing too complex but tweak the standard message to add a little personalisation.

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