Laser Cut Sign for a Local Landmark

Laser Cut Sign for a Local Landmark

Two and a half years ago, Harry and Jill moved Kuka Studios out of Glasgow to the beautiful village of Lochwinnoch. Some people thought we were mad, but so far it’s worked out well for us! We get to do some really interesting bits of writing and design as well as our usual kick ass websites and online marketing. This laser cut acrylic sign for the local landmark of Auld Simon is a great example of the less run-of-the-mill work we’ve done lately:


The words were written by a talented, local man with an endless knowledge of the area, and the piece was commissioned by the lovely Alex, one of the men who winds the clock. It’s really satisfying to help bring something to fruition that is so ‘local’ and that will last, hopefully, a lifetime as part of our wee village life.

PS. I know you can spot Harry and the baby in the photo – I’m a writer, not a photographer…I need Caroline to come back from holiday to take a better photo!

If you’d like to find out more about laser cutting in Renfrewshire, get in touch.

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