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Kuka’s Graphic Secrets | Canva


Needing a graphic? Whether its for a blog entry, Social media post, cover photo or even promotional activities Kuka Studios can help. Kuka Studios are lucky enough to have a in-house graphic designer, whose creative edge enables all our clients graphics to be customised and designed to represent their brand and them professionally without the use of Canva.

Though what if you’re a small business starting out who’s wanting integrated graphics and print work? How can you compile integrated graphic content ensuring all sizes are correct and the image looks professional? Visual content is sure to engage readers and create more memorable articles and posts.



There happen to be many design and print work websites allowing you to select image from anywhere and upload them to create great work, though today we are going to focus on one- Canva. As we found it the easiest to use and it allows  many different images and tools to be employed in your designs that are all downloadable.

Why Canva?

Canva allows users to design with hundreds of free elements and fonts, or choose from their library of more than 1 million premium images for only £1. Canva is a free to use service allowing anyone access to create posters and pictures all for free with the option to use pay for images. your own images can be incorporated through upload and any designed image can be downloaded and planned into your marketing communications creating a fully integrated campaign.

Untitled design (6)How to use Canva

Simply sign up and follow the tutorials, or alternatively have a play about at creating professional graphics and imagery for free until you feel comfortable enough building your own image. Work from the templates, utilise the pre-prepared images and represent your company in a way that only you could.



If your business could use some graphic design expertise leave your details here and we will be in touch to help create that picture perfect graphic representing your business whilst ensuring your content is more immersive with imagery.  See some examples of the beautiful things we’ve produced in the past- for clients and for fun here!


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