Is Your Website Your Shop Window?

Is Your Website Your Shop Window?

Have you ever been drawn into a shop by a cool window display? Or have you ever avoided going into a store because the shop window is too intimidating (cough Hollister…cough)? This is first impressions in action, and it applies as much to online business as it does to physical stores; and not just ecommerce sites. Service businesses need to be just as aware of the value of first impressions. You wouldn’t invite your clients into a dated, messy office, so don’t ask them to hang around if you offer them a tired, difficult to use website.

It’s a hard fact, but anyone who is undecided about you or your business can glean all that they feel they should know from a glance at your homepage.  So does your website communicate your brand values, current offers, popular services, or even who you are? It’s OK if you don’t know the answer, let’s look at what makes a good first impression in a website and see if it helps you:

Consider Your Customers

Unsurprisingly, I’m asking you to start with your current audience. Your website needs to match the values of the customers you want to attract. Your website needs to draw them in like a beacon, so put yourself in their shoes and try to view your site as if you are a customer – can you find what you are looking for?

Reflect What is Happening

In a physical store, the window display changes with the current events and seasons, and your website needs to keep up too. Even if you aren’t an ecommerce store showing off your Valentine’s offers, if you are a service based business, keep up with the changing times, and make sure the first image your visitors see isn’t a dated award nomination!

Update Your Website Regularly

Don’t wait until there is a special occasion like Christmas to change things on your website. Refresh your offers, banners, products and news articles regularly – this will not only entice new customers to explore further, but it will help repeat customers to find something new and encourage them to stay for longer. It is also beneficial for your SEO efforts, as search engines prioritise fresh content. So even though it takes a lot of effort, keeping everything up to date is a win, win win.

Be Proud to Be Different

If you take one thing away from this, it’s that you don’t need to look like everyone else.  The online market place is as crowded as a packed high street, so do what you can to make it stand out from the other windows around.

If you need help making your ‘shop window’ stand out, we can help – get in touch.

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