The Internet Explorer Succcessor Has Arrived

The Internet Explorer Succcessor Has Arrived

Following the demise of Internet Explorer, Microsoft have finally named a new browser – it’s called Microsoft Edge and here’s the low down on everything we know about it so far.

There’s no arguing that at one point Internet Explorer was the leader in the world of browsers, however after 14 wonderful (and not so wonderful) years, the iconic Internet Explorer is being replaced.  Windows 10 will be launched later this year and it will feature a brand new browser called Edge – Microsoft announced the name at their Build 2015 conference.

Internet Explorer isn’t going anywhere just yet, but Micrsoft Edge will be the default browser in Windows 10 with the aim that users adopt Edge and make IE a distant memory.  So we thought we would find out what Edge is all about and most importantly, is it going to be any good?

What is Microsoft Edge?

We don’t have any hands on experience with Edge yet, it is not completed and neither is Windows 10. However, research indicates that the latest versions of Windows 10 and Edge are both working well. Critics say that even in its unfinished state, Edge is lightweight and fast, and potentially a genuine alternative to Chrome and Firefox for Windows 10 users. However, the browser will not be available for earlier versions of Windows.

There are three new features to the browser that we know about so far:

Reader Mode

Click reader mode when viewing a web page and Microsoft Edge will switch the page to a simplified page layout that makes it much easier to read pages that contain lots of text. This isn’t particularly ground breaking as there is extensions out there that do the same time, but we guess it’s pretty handy to have built in.

Web Notes

On the new toolbar there is a button for the new Web Note feature. When you click it a new toolbar appears with various tools to doodle and type on the current web page. It’s used for highlighting something on the page you want to share with someone else, or just notes for your own reference.

Microsoft Edge

However, we have heard that it isn’t that easy to scribble a note on the web page with a mouse or trackpad so this feature will be most useful on PCs with a touchscreen.


The final feature is Cortana – ‘Microsoft’s intelligent digital assistant’. Cortana is supposed to step in when it thinks it can help with something you’re doing online, such as presenting you a map when you search for a business. We’re just hoping it’s not as annoying as this guy:

microsoft edge You can also right-click a word on a web page and select Ask Cortana to see more information about it.

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