Improvements to LinkedIn Company Pages

Improvements to LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn have announced today a great group of improvements to their company pages. The marketing they’ve provided on the updates is flashy and fantastic, but makes it a bit difficult to tell what’s actually changed, so I thought I’d summarise the update for all you lovely people:

1. Customising images when you share a company update

– Just like on Facebook Company pages, when you post an update with a link, LinkedIn automatically generates a thumbnail image. Now you can customise the image that appears by clicking on the icon in the right hand corner of the preview image. This is a great way to draw people’s attention when it appears in their home feed.

2. Like and comment as your company

– When you are posting to your company page you are logged into your personal account. Now you can interact with comments and posts on your page as your company rather than as yourself.

3. New Company Feed

– View all of the updates from all of the companies you follow in one handy place. To access it, simply click on the ‘Interests’ tab from your personal LinkedIn homepage, and you’ll see ‘Companies’ as the first option. If you click this, you can then view and manage all of the companies you are following and administrating for.

4. Showcase pages

– Showcase Pages are separate to your Company Page, acting like sub pages for specific content. They are designed to highlight a “brand, business unit, or initiative”. In other words, Apple could have one for the iPhone 7, Adobe could have one for After Effects, Joe’s Bakery could have one for his Tuesday morning coffee&cake promotion…you get the idea.

These are great as they allow you to target the right audience. You can create a page with its own messages and audience segment. People who follow your company can choose the Showcase pages they are most interested in to follow.

So – how was that for a round up? Make sense? Get in touch if you want more help on creating or improving your LinkedIn pages.

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