How to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn

How to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn

LinkedIn: the social media platform for the business world. With an estimated 600+ million professionals using LinkedIn daily, this is where people can connect with others in their industry and find potential new employees or employers. However, it is not limited to just looking for your dream job – LinkedIn can be used to give your brand more exposure and reach out to your customers, both existing and new. So, let’s have a look at how LinkedIn can help your business grow.

First thing is first – decide what are your goals: promote upcoming events; increase brand exposure; maintain customer relations and grab the attention of new customers. Or maybe you wish to reach out directly to company directors within your industry. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is not about hard-selling; you want to form connections with other people and businesses within your industry (and possibly outside)- so it is important to get the marketing strategy right.

First impressions are important, with that, your company profile needs to be of a high standard and  complete (this will get more views). Why not have a look at your competitors’ pages – what have they done with their profile and what can you do that will make you stand out from the rest?  Pay attention to keywords that can be used in your profile for SEO –  you will want to be near the top of any searches.

Take the time to boast! Post your business’ achievements and awards; always eye-catching, so make sure to let everyone know! Any recognition for your business will always be positive. How about a few words from your customers? Feedback and reviews can be valuable in promoting your business and your image; if you have you any famous or well-known customers that could really make you stand out.

LinkedIn is nothing without its links, so never forget to add links to your website within your profile and use the option to boost your page. This can connect you to people who do not follow your page…yet. They may be interested in what you have to offer.

Bring in your employees! They are the faces of your business after all. Have your employees complete their profile, tell a bit about themselves and what it is they do for your company that helps to make it a success. Do not let them forget to follow the company page too! For all those potential future employees, show them what it is like to work for you. Consider upgrading your profile with a LinkedIn Careers Page to help show off your business, advertise jobs and target the right people.

Have a look for LinkedIn groups that belong to your target demographic. This can be particularly helpful for small businesses, as it can provide the opportunity to listen to your customers and engage with them. Maybe even create your own group, and use this to share your knowledge, skills and information.

It is always good to share, and the same can be said for LinkedIn. Share content: blogs, videos, webinars. Content quality is important, but when and how often you share can be just as vital. Post your best content on midweek days, and re-share or post older content at the beginning or end of the week – either way, the key is to share and to share frequently

LinkedIn is all about making connections and by taking on board these tips, those connections can lead to relationships.

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