How to Grow Your Business on YouTube

How to Grow Your Business on YouTube

We all know YouTube.  It’s been around since 2005, and owned by Google since 2006 and is the biggest online video-sharing platform that allows users to upload, share, and view videos. But how do you use it for business?  How do you share the right content, grow your following, and ultimately, gain leads from YouTube?

Understand the Types of Channel

Now, I’m not talking about Partners vs Creators or anything like that, I’m talking purely about business channels and when I’m teaching video creation, I break it down like this:

Type 1: Millions of Subscribers

This is the type of YouTube channel where the creators are out to build a following.  They will do everything they can to come up in the ‘suggested videos’ list by creating videos with similar titles to their competition.  This is doable, but it is a BIG job. 

Top two tips: Make sure your thumbnail is striking, especially on mobile view
and will pull people in from the ‘suggested video’ feed.  Secondly, try to have a consistent theme for your videos, so when you do pull someone in they watch more of your videos straight away.  That is the easiest way to ‘win’ the algorithm.

Type 2: Niche Channel

This is the more common type of channel that businesses I work with are creating.  Their target is to reach the right people with the right message using their videos.

Top Tips: You build this type of channel by targeting the search traffic on
YouTube, and creating videos that target keyword specific topics in order to get found.

Understand What YouTube Needs from You

Unless you are focusing on shorts, videos on YouTube must be over 10mins to rank, but if you can manage long videos (I’m talking 1 to 3 hours) this will grow your suppliers.  YouTube is a strange place – people will not sit through a 30 second advert, but if a video brings them value, they’ll watch it for 2 hours.

You also need to realise that YouTube is a different beast compared to other social media platforms.  People use Instagram and Pinterest to be inspired, TikTok to be entertained, but they come to YouTube to learn.  You need to create videos that teach, add value, and inform people.

The other thing that sets YouTube apart is that the content lasts FOREVER.  It doesn’t have the half-life that other social media channels have.  The bonus is that YouTube pays you for your content, so in addition to the leads you may get from the work you put in, Ad Revenue can cover your costs and actually bring you some income.

Top Three Tips:

  1. Don’t go neck deep before you can swim.  Start with one video per week.  When you are creating videos, try to batch create them.  And, schedule their posting so they drip out at the right time. 
  2. Use competitor research and the Google Keyword Planner to help you decide what to make videos on.  Make sure that your video titles and descriptions are chock full of the keywords you are trying to target.
  3. Make sure your first 10 seconds add value.  Do not start with “Welcome back, hey it’s me! If you don’t know me…” You’ll lose your people before you start.  Launch straight in with value and hook them, then you can introduce yourself.

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