How to do your End of Year Marketing Audit in One Afternoon

How to do your End of Year Marketing Audit in One Afternoon

OK, so you know what you should be reviewing your marketing regularly.  How regularly depends on how much marketing you do, but we recommend it should be at least once a month so you can keep an eye on everything and spot dips before they become bottomless pits.  You should definitely be reviewing everything at the end of year before you write your plans for the next year.  You need to know what has worked and what hasn’t in the last 12 months before you point your credit card towards activities for the next 12. 

I know that right now, reviewing marketing statistics is very low on your to do list, as you panic shop for Great Aunt Agnes, and sew Christmas concert costumes for the kids – or just try and keep your head above the tinsel.  That’s why I’ve come a way to do a full review and assessment in one afternoon.  So let’s go.

1. Look at where you are now.

Log into Google Analytics (or wherever you track your website data), your email marketing system, and all of your social media accounts.  Where are you now?  If you can, look back at where you were 12 months ago and write down the change.  Do you have more subscribers?  Is your post engagement better or worse?  How much did you spend in the last 12 months.  Write it all down.  It doesn’t need to be pretty, just get it on paper.

2. Look at where you planned to be.

Blow the cobwebs off your beautifully coloured plan that you made last December.  For each goal that you set, look at the scribbles you’ve taken down on the paper in front of you and find the corresponding statistic.  How did you do?  Did you soar past any goals?  Did you miss any by miles?  This will help when you come to set new goals for next year.

3. Look at how everyone else did.

How have your competitors done in the last year?  Have you got emails from them and thought “dam that’s good”, or were you too busy cringing through their Instagram Reels?  Note, if you don’t already follow them on social media, or subscribe to their emails, now is the time to do that! 

How has their website been updated during the year?  Where are they coming up in the search results compared to you – has this improved?  As well as your own statistics, this information can help you to see where your company’s marketing was lacking and offer inspiration on where to focus attention for the year to come.

4. Write up your scribbles

Right, now your desk is covered in post-its, numbers and questions.  Now it’s time to pull it together.  Put it into a document and save it with a really obvious title so you can find it next year – like END OF YEAR MARKETING AUDIT DECEMBER 2022…or something.  Then this whole process will take you half the time next year as you resave the document and change the numbers!

5. Review it

Now it’s time to put your ego away, and ask some questions.  Were there any dips in your numbers?  What time of year needed more attention than you gave it?  How can you improve on areas that didn’t grow?  Where is there a knowledge gap?

When you have these answers, you are ready for getting your plan together – but that’s another blog. 

If you need help with your end of year marketing audit, get in touch with the Kuka team today.

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