How to Develop a Social Media Strategy for Threads

How to Develop a Social Media Strategy for Threads

No social media manager in the world saw the launch of Threads and went “Yey! Another thing to learn!  I can’t wait to redo my plans for the next 6 months to include another social media channel – what fun!”… But now we’ve had a couple of months to get used to the idea, here’s our take on Threads, what it means for businesses, and if you should get involved.

What is Threads?

Threads, the fresh face in the social media landscape, is owned by the powerhouse Meta, which also owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.  When you  aren’t starting from scratch though, your Instagram followers are automatically migrated when you set up a user name, giving you a head start.

Much like Twitter, Threads centres on real-time conversations revolving around trending topics. The platform boasts a text-based feed, with users engaging in spontaneous discussions.

How do you Get Involved?

1. Experiment with Your Content

Threads primarily revolves around text posts, each limited to 500 characters, fostering brief and engaging conversations. However, Threads doesn’t stop there; it offers a range of content formats similar to those found on Instagram and Facebook. These formats include photos, videos (with a 5-minute limit), carousels, and URL links.

So the first step as you prepare your strategy is exploration.  From what we’re seeing, high-performing Threads posts emanate personality and an authentic tone of voice, similar to Instagram and TikTok; and humour is, unsurprisingly, a standout content type, consistently resonating with audiences.

2. Embrace the Conversation

Threads offers a solitary news feed, setting it apart from platforms like TikTok. In its discovery phase, the algorithm requires time to calibrate. This means, once again, that you need to be willing to experiment a willingness to experiment to find strategies that resonate with your audience.

Interaction is going to be key to your success on Threads. You can engage with users by commenting, liking, reposting, and responding to posts. By participating in ongoing trends and discussions, you secure visibility and define your business’s role on the platform.

3. Top up that Bio

While clickable hashtags are not yet a feature on Threads, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram and Threads, has hinted that it will be a future feature.  That means that your bio is a crucial space for incorporating keywords, and getting your profile found.

Advertising on Threads

Advertising is yet to grace Threads… Meta has said that they are prioritising building a robust user base before implementing adverts. However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t be a feature in the future.

Is Threads Your Next Channel?

While the allure of a new platform is strong, it’s crucial to evaluate whether Threads aligns with your brand’s goals.  It’s true that early adopters often reap the benefits of good visibility on a platform, but managing multiple platforms can lead to burnout – so think carefully before you jump in.

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