Help! We’ve lost control!

Help! We’ve lost control!

Usually as soon as I tell people what I do, eyes go wide and mouth opens with a question.  Sometimes that question is ‘can you fix my printer?’ (the answer is probably not, but pass me a screwdriver), but often it is ‘you know websites/social media/online stuff?!  Can you help?’ (the answer usually is, yes).

Maybe the supplier you’ve been using has closed down and you can’t update your website any more.  Or maybe the employee who set up your Facebook page has left and you can’t access it.  Or, unfortunately, your relationship with your current supplier has broken down and they’ve done something malicious to stop your access.  We can help.  Here are just a few examples of problems we’ve solved in May/June this year:

Website Admin Section (CMS) Access
“I only have Editor level access to my WordPress website and the developer won’t answer me – can you make me an administrator so I can regain control?!”  The client was able to prove ownership of the website’s hosting account so we were able to create a new administrator account for them, make some changes to the functionality they were seeking, and train them in how to use the CMS better.

We’ve come across all sorts of issues around accessing website CMS systems, hosting accounts, domain names etc. and if you own it, we can help you get back in.

Social Media Access/Ownership
“Someone set up a Facebook page for us, but we can’t edit it or delete it and client questions are not being answered!”  This is a common request, but this example was an impressive one.  The previous “digital marketing agency” had created a fake Facebook profile, so even they couldn’t provide ID to prove they owned it!  But with a bit of understanding of the Facebook legal policies, and a bit of ingenuity, we got it sorted for them.

Website Ownership
“The developer of our website died suddenly and we don’t want to contact his grieving wife to ask for help, but the domain is about to expire and we don’t have the login details to renew it!”  This was a particularly unusual situation and since delicacy isn’t my strong point, it took a bit of thought!  But we were able to clone the site, put it on our hosting, and prove ownership to renew the domain before a grieving family were billed and didn’t know who to invoice.

OK, so it’s been a particularly strange couple of months but the problems are all too common.  If you need help regaining control of your digital world, get in touch.


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