What is The Hamburger Icon!?

What is The Hamburger Icon!?

The hamburger icon has become a common symbol when visiting websites on our smartphones, tablets and even computers but what is it and what does it mean?

It has become a staple of website design, even as I type it’s at the top right hand of my browser and it’s usually on any mobile sites I visit, whether it be on my tablet or phone.

The three horizontal lines stacked on top of one another lead to a menu – when stripped back to it’s basic parts, it looks a little bit like a hamburger inside two halves of a bun.

Hamburger Icon
Hamburger icon – top right.
Hamburger Icon
Hamburger icon shows menu when clicked.

The hamburger icon comes in to play when the Kuka Studios website’s mobile responsiveness kicks in, there’s no need for it on a desktop but when the website is displayed on a smaller screen we use it to collapse the menu and improve usability.

We’ve used many variations of the hamburger icon throughout our website designs, sometimes by itself, sometimes in a box or even alongside a word such as “menu”.

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