Facebook – Say Thanks Video Creation Tool

Facebook – Say Thanks Video Creation Tool

Last year, Facebook enabled users to take a trip down memory lane with their “look back” videos. This year, Facebook has just launched their “say thanks” videos, which essentially turn your Facebook posts in to a video.

“Say thanks” allows Facebook users to create personalised short videos for their facebook friends that showcases the times they have spent together. Users select a friend and a theme for the video – each of which has its own music and feel. In a similar fashion to the “look back” videos, users are able to choose which photos to feature and can also include wall posts.

When you are happy with the video you are able to add a personalised message before posting on your timeline. When posted, your featured friend will be tagged, so it will also appear on their timeline.

The timing comes just before thanksgiving, however Facebook told Mashable that this is a new tool to be used all year round and will be on Facebook indefinitely.

With users able to make videos for each friend that they wish to do so, “say thanks” has the potential to be even bigger than last years individual “look back” videos. So brace yourself for nostalgic gushing all over your time line…

Facebook - Say Thanks

Create your own “say thanks” video here.

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