Is Facebook right for my business?

Is Facebook right for my business?

This is the first article in our series looking at choosing the right channels to market your business, and today we’re starting with Facebook. As the most popular social network, and still ranked among the top three search engines, it’s a biggie and definitely one to carefully consider.

Who uses Facebook?
The answer you want to hear is ‘your customers’ and it’s probably trues, but let’s look at the most recent statistics. Facebook users are getting older. Most people are surprised when I tell them that the age group with the highest number of users is 35 to 54 year olds, with more total users than the under 24 bracket, and the fastest growing demographic is 55+!


Source: Mashable

What’s it great for?
The top five things that Facebook does better than other social networks:
1. Full profile information:
For your company page you can fill out enormous details about your business, giving you a real platform to tell people who you are.
2. Statistics :
YouTube excluded, Facebook’s Insights for company pages are years ahead of other networks and will give you all the information you need to optimise your posts and content to what your users really want to see.
3. Visual and multimedia content:
It is so easy to add Photos, videos, audio clips and more to Facebook posts, and to categorise these posts and collections.
4. Conversations :
Facebook makes it so easy to have conversations with your users, whether publicly or privately, and to be alerted anytime someone gets in touch with you.
5. Advertising:
Again, Facebook really was ahead of its field when it launched paid advertising. It works incredibly well for some companies (e.g. a very large laser eye surgery client we did work for) and not so well for others (e.g. a B2B software firm).

What’s it not so great for?
1. High value, B2B products:
If I’m looking for a new server for my office, I’m probably not going to check out the company’s Facebook page. That’s not to say they shouldn’t have one, it’s just not my first choice for those clients.
2. If you don’t have time:
If you want a network you can check into once every 2 weeks…don’t choose Facebook. Leaving questions and comments unanswered for weeks at a time is not a good look!
3. If you don’t know your brand:
Facebook’s a place for your company’s personality to shine. If you don’t know how to answer questions about your products or services in a very public forum, you aren’t ready for Facebook.

Any top tips?
1. Use your profile:
Fill out every ounce of information you are given space for.
2. Use the images:
Use your profile and timeline images properly. There’s no excuse for a squished logo and a stock-photo header.
3. Be active:
Don’t force people to go looking for you, pop up on their feeds
4. But not too active:
Once or twice a day is enough, don’t fill up people’s news feeds!
5. Don’t be a talking logo:
Don’t be afraid to show some personality, no one wants to have a conversation with a robotic voice behind a logo!

So that’s what we think anyway. If you need some more advice, why not check out our Pinterest board on Facebook for Business, or get in touch to find out about our Facebook Training.

Stay tuned, next week we’re looking at Twitter as the next article in our ‘Which Social Media Channel?’ Series.

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