Facebook Plans to put Ads in Messenger

Facebook Plans to put Ads in Messenger

Facebook, one of the largest social media sites, may be considering new approaches to monetise Messenger. Be prepared for a big change on Facebook as the company is apparently likely to allow advertisements on the app in the second quarter of 2016.

The social network intends to start placing these adverts within its messaging medium, as stated by a new report from TechCrunch. The advertisements could start off within the next few months, even though the structure of the advertisements is not clear. Currently, companies benefit from the messaging app to interact with customers, so when this “feature” comes out, a specific company will likewise be capable of sending targeted adverts as messages to anybody that has begun a chat by using it.

The article, which cites leaked papers describing Facebook’s blueprints, recommends that advertisements within Messenger are going to be different compared to those that surface somewhere else on Facebook. The adverts will simply be shown in message threads with companies and they can only be capable of serving advertisements to individuals who earlier contacted them through Messenger.

An important part of the strategy is evidently a new form of customised URL that companies can share, which backlinks to a new message thread with their website page. Besides making it a lot easier for manufacturers and companies to communicate through Facebook, TechCrunch speculates the URLs may likewise be the starting point of a way for manufacturers to utilise Messenger as an alternative for more conventional customer support platforms. A Facebook spokesperson refused to discuss the report however.

Although the advantages of such an alteration for companies are apparent, Facebook will have to tread cautiously if it does start to try out adverts in Messenger. Messenger, in spite of a few early stumbles, is getting close to a billion customers and has turned out to be a haven for a few of Facebook’s most dedicated efforts. Facebook customers, similar to those on the majority of social media platforms, are usually too fragile to use extremely aggressive marketing. Therefore a clunky rollout on Messenger might have a broad impact.

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