How to Embed Instagram Posts

How to Embed Instagram Posts

It’s really easy to embed an Instagram post on your website or blog, just follow these steps and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Firstly, this has to be done from a desktop – not the app – so make sure you do this via

Click on the photo or video you wish to share and clicked the button highlighted below, then click embed.

How to Embed Instagram Posts
This option is only available when viewing an individual post – not straight from the timeline. Click on a user then the post.

Copy the block of text it gives you and paste this into your blog, website or article. When you hit publish, the content will appear.

How to Embed Instagram Posts

This is only available to users who make their content public on Instagram, so if you can’t see the button this may be why.

How to make your Instagram Public
1. Go to Edit Your Profile
2. Scroll to the bottom and slide the ‘posts are private’ option to the left.


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We’ve a handy guide on how to do the same thing for Pinterest too!

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