How easy to pass are your passwords?

How easy to pass are your passwords?

With the recent news that online identity theft is at an all time high, We have decided to highlight a few ways to keep your password safe online with some useful tips and tricks in order to stay one step ahead of the hackers.

Firstly, why not test your password?

To prove I practice what I preach – my result:

KUKA password


The result will inform the action you take. Everyone knows the age old “tips” for creating a password though here are some more that will be sure to keep your information safe on the web:

1)    The longer the password the harder it is to crack.

The longer your password (or passphrase) the harder it is for hackers to crack it. Type in a favourite quote or sentence, omitting spaces, and you’ve got a decent password.

2)  Substitute letters for numbers in your word or phrase

Creating a word or a phrase consisting of both numbers and letters assures a harder to break password or phrase as the combination of both prevents random word generators breaking your password.



3)    Does not contain your user name, real name, or company name.

It may already be obvious to prevent any easy access to your accounts but don’t have an obvious and relatable name as your password.

4)    Never reuse a password!

When it comes to online safety if one accounts password is X the next can’t also be X as this would enable access to more platforms. So, to stop this have the same base point for your password though for Facebook have “X123” and for twitter “123X!” and so on.

5)    Use an authentication tool ( if it’s an option)

If a site offers an authentication tool such as Facebook’s code generator then use it! This will enable a text to be sent to your phone with a code you have to type into the box provided. It might be a nuisance at times, though it will ensure your passwords and phrases are secure!


Finally, if you need some help, Kuka Studios provides both social media management and training.  We maintain Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Trip Advisor accounts and more for businesses and individuals enabling you peace of mind as we’ll ensure your accounts are as secure as possible.

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