Is Direct Mail Making a Comeback?

Is Direct Mail Making a Comeback?

theGone are the days of mailing your customers actual letters. Digital direct mail is much more cost effective, fast and (most importantly) engaging. Or is it?

Digital media has taken the marketing industry by storm, causing new, innovative, exciting and personal ways to shout about your business. However is it always necessary? Do people really want to be bombarded daily from their local restaurant by ever evolving media platforms? Is there a cry for a more traditional way of communication? Well, I think so…

While direct emails are a great way to remind your customers about what you are all about, how you can fix their problems and save them money; everyone else is doing it. Constantly bombarding your mailing list’s inboxes with the same promotional literature just won’t cut it anymore. You need to be on your feet – two steps and two ideas (original ones) ahead of the next guy. The way to create a mailing campaign that stands out has and always will be killer content, but will it be read? People’s inboxes are so spamiffied these days that your message can be lost in amongst competitors “2 for 1” rhetoric.

Sending a letter, (YES! An actual letter) can be way more effective than emailing as no-one does it anymore. Instead of competing for inbox you compete for a letter box, simple. When was the last time you received a letter from a company wanting you to pay for stuff? Probably in the last week or so. However, I bet you glanced at it before tossing it. Now, imagine if that letter contained that killer content your digital marketing agency was known for? Not only would your promo piece not be deleted or marked as spam, it would actually get read, and maybe even kept for showing to others – allowing your message to be received.

Digital mailing does work however, and is a cheaper alternative to traditional direct mailing. Being digital allows your company to become more responsive and reach customers quicker. The problem is in the quest to be original online, we have neglected traditional media. Not every company needs to be original, not every customer wants original, they just want a better service for a better price.

So is digital mailing dead? No definitely not, but it is not for everyone and definitely no longer on the rise.

Is traditional mailing having a comeback? Maybe. Try it, you might be surprised at the response you receive.

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