Content Marketing – What, When, Why and How

Content Marketing – What, When, Why and How

Content marketing is a strategy that was once limited to large organisations, more and more small to medium businesses are developing and initiating their own content strategies and seeing fantastic results. But what is content marketing? When should it be used? Why should it be used? How should it be used?

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the process of creating useful content that is valuable and relevant to potential customers. Content marketing focuses on creating content with a purpose, instead of creating it to fill in the blanks on your website’s pages.

When should you Use Content Marketing?

Content marketing should only be used once you have a clearly defined picture of the audience being targeted. Planning a content marketing strategy before attempting a content marketing campaign is vital, just like all aspects of on-line (and off-line) marketing. The time for content marketing is right once you have defined your audience and formed a content marketing strategy. If you need advice on creating a content marketing strategy or defining your audience get in touch, we have a dedicated, in-house content specialist.

Why Use Content Marketing?

Increase Sales

As with most marketing efforts, a content marketing strategy will increase sales over time.

Retain customers

Customers who return to you for content build stronger relationships. These customers are more likely to stay loyal to your brand.


A content marketing strategy is at the core of any integration you may wish to achieve across marketing channels. With the correct channel integration, your campaigns can double or even triple effectiveness.

How to Use Content Marketing

First of all – don’t create content for the sake of it. Customers will be bored and instantly put off your brand; this could do more harm than good.

Start off by defining who you are and what you are trying to achieve, think long-term – what image does your company currently have and what image would you like your company to have?

Next create amazing content that people want to read. This can be difficult to do yourself and for the best results we would recommend an experienced copywriter over a marketing specialist, luckily we have our very own in-house copywriter! The reason copywriters produce better content than marketers is because they write excellent content that aims to hold attention. Marketers (as much as I love them…since I am one!) create content that focuses on grabbing attention, rather than holding it…still with me? 😉

Get Started Today!

At Kuka Studios we have a mixture of content specialists, marketing specialists and our very own copywriter. We are more than happy to give advice on developing a content strategy and carry out various continuous content campaigns for a wide variety of clients. If you would like more information get in touch today.


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