Content Marketing – Our dirty little secret

Content Marketing – Our dirty little secret

We teach courses in Content Marketing, we do it for customers every day – and occasionally we even get the time to do it for ourselves. We’ve been blogging since before it was cool, MySpacing and Beboing before Zuckerberg dreamed up Facebook. All this experience, research and training has led us to draw one, ultimate conclusion about Content Marketing we’d like to share with you today…it’s not rocket science.

There are, sadly, many who want you to believe that you can’t possibly succeed with the voodoo and black magic required for internet marketing, unless you spend thousands of pounds a month outsourcing to a ‘Digital Marketing Guru’.  We are probably not doing ourselves any favours…but it’s just not true.

With the right training and support, you can definitely do it yourself.  Get someone to help you initially draw up a strategy, plan your actions and set some goals – that’s where the expertise is key.  But with some training and practice, you can take it from there.

For small companies who just don’t have the manpower to do it themselves then OF COURSE they should outsource it, but they should maintain control, understand the purpose, and have access to accurate progress reports.  Look behind the curtain and make sure you know what you’re getting for your money.

Let me put it another way (you all know how I love my analogies).  Imagine you’re getting married.  You want some amazing photographs to remember the day.  You could do it yourself, but the logistics of setting up lots of timers and things will really get in the way of your big day.  So you look at hiring someone to help.  You have 2 choices – someone who won’t really go into what they’ll do or how they’ll do it, who uses acronyms you don’t really understand and hints at the fact that the system they use to capture what they call ‘digital moments’ is far beyond that of other photographers.  Then you have someone who shows you proof that they take great photos, gives you an exact breakdown of what they will do as a service, and realistic expectations of what you’ll receive at the end…who would you choose?

If you’re lost, get in touch and we can have a look at your current strategy and Social Media channels and give you some free, honest advice. Some people are passionate about saving the planet, others about rescuing animals…our passion is saving small companies from being lost in the digital world. If you’re paying for something you don’t understand, ask your supplier to explain – or give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do.


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