Content Marketing – 6 steps to get you started

Content Marketing – 6 steps to get you started

At Kuka Studios, our goal is to help people through the murky waters of the digital world without pretending it’s ‘black magic’ and without charging them more than the service is worth. In fact, we’d love nothing more than to hold your hands and lead you through setting up all the online marketing your business needs, then train you to do it by yourself and leave you to it (with support only a phonecall away).

As the second stage in our content marketing series, here are our top tips for getting started in Content Marketing:

See, it’s not magic. If you put in the time, defining your objectives and creating a plan for how to get to them, then your strategy will have far more success.

Don’t guess who your audience is, actually go and find out. Use your website analytics, or industry statistics and then target them with engaging content.

Give your audience a reason to come to you. Offer regular posts, offering value and insight. If you build that, they will come.

Go looking for your audience, where else would they be? Post your content in these places, let them know where you are.

Make sure that all of the content you’ve spent so much time writing and polishing is just as attractive to the search engines as it is to your audience

Use all of the amazing tracking tools out there to find out how well your content is working, then take the things that people like most, and do more of them…yeah, rocket science, I know right?

If you have any questions about SEO, content marketing, Social Media or anything to do with Digital Marketing, comment or get in touch and we’ll help you out.

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