Celebrating Shakespeare like the geek I am

Celebrating Shakespeare like the geek I am

Husband and kids aside, there are, and always will be two great loves in my life – Shakespeare and gadgets. When I was completing my English Literature degree, I chose every single Shakespeare module I could – even Shakespeare on Film, which even I judge myself for taking. Now, a decade into my work in the digital field I get to indulge in my other guilty pleasure and call it research…buying techy stuff.

Today, if he had defied all earthly laws, Mr. William Shakespeare would have been 450 years old and literature geeks across the world are celebrating. How did I celebrate? I combined my great loves and bought the Shakespeare Pro app for my iOS devices!

In a nutshell it’s the complete works of Shakespeare (41 plays, 154 sonnets and 6 poems, and a few extra ‘doubtful works’ we’re not sure if he wrote or not), combined with a great search to help you find quotes, or get help with words you don’t understand.

Other features include:
– bookmark where you’ve read to, and mark your favourite lines.
– glossary
– ‘tales from Shakespeare’ (story versions of the famous tales for kids)
– facts about Shakespeare and his works
– The Shakespeare Passport® (for entry to global events and exhibitions)

Right, that’s me embarrassed myself enough for one day! Happy Birthday Mr. S!

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