Bebo is back!

Bebo is back!

Bebo is back…

…with a huge make over and it’s almost unrecognisable! We were pretty excited when we heard that Bebo had finally launched their comeback, so we decided to find out what it’s all about.

Bebo was first launched in 2005, predominately aimed at the younger market. Beboers could create profiles, write posts, add photos and other media.

However, Facebook domination came along and after Bebo’s initial success – it plummeted. Different owners tried to make it work in different ways, but to no avail. AOL bought bebo in 2008 for a whopping $850 million, it didn’t work out, and last year the founders bought it back for $1 million.

The original founders have brought Bebo back on a new platform. It is now in the form of a smart phone messaging app, new Bebo brands itself ‘the chat with attitude’. We’ll even be able to get our old pictures back!


Messaging you say?

The new Bebo is a messaging service, similar to WhatsApp but with a twist – in fact, lot’s and lot’s of twists! Bebo users create an avatar (very Nintento Wii), of which every single little detail can be customised. The avatar features heavily throughout all communications – kind of channeling a BitStrips vibe.

#Hashtags can be used within the messaging to trigger games, tools and interactive elements.


Type #twerk and you will see your avatar twerking, type #allthesingleladies and you will see your avatar dancing like Beyoncé!


Interacting just got visual…

On old Bebo, you could draw on people walls, now, simply type #draw when in the app to bring up a blank canvas! If you’ve got decisions to be made – #coinflip will flip a virtual coin or #magic8ball can tell your fortune!

There are games to be played, and of course, the avatar comes in to this part too! For example, FlappyHead, a version of Flappy Bird where you play with your head instead of a bird.

Flappyhead Bebo

It is quite literally all fun and games, with Bebo proclaiming the new bebo is for people who don’t take life too seriously:

“Everybody else is trying to be very “serious” about social networking, which feels a bit strange to us. The new Bebo is for people who don’t take life too seriously.”


As for our old Pictures…

All users need to register for a new account, so we were pretty relieved to find out that this doesn’t mean our pictures are gone forever, just our old accounts. Our old Bebo pictures will be available starting January 31st 2015, so no doubt there is going to be a good few (and bad) throwbacks to be had.

Could this mean implications for struggling Ello? You know what they say about too many fish in the pond…

Whilst we count down the days until we see our old pics, reminisce on old bebo with eight things we all loved about Bebo..

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