Are you Creeping on Clubhouse yet?

Are you Creeping on Clubhouse yet?

I get a bad case of FOMO about, pretty much everything.  So when there is an invite only social app that targets Entrepreneurs, celebrities and influencers…you can bet I was desperate to get on.  The day JB sent me an invite and I got accepted into the inner sanctum, I got more than a little excited (I was at the park with my kids and I squealed like I’d got 3 numbers on the lottery!).  Since then though, I have not looked back and I am creeping on Clubhouse at least twice a day.  If this makes no sense to you, don’t worry – here’s Kuka’s quick guide to Clubhouse and how you can get in on the action.

What is Clubhouse?
The easiest way to describe Clubhouse is live podcasts that you can join in on.  The official description is a voice-only social media app available on Apple iOS.  It lets you listen into conversations, interviews and discussions between celebrities, industry professionals, celebrities, and entrepreneurs.  You can start your own conversations, join in with others, find rooms that interest you and more.

The main difference between Clubhouse and Podcasts is that it is much more collaborative and that it is all live – no chance to listen in later.

When you join, you choose things you are interested in like tech, books, or business, then use your contact list or Twitter account to find individuals you want to follow.  I actually found it more effective searching for individuals, but it may just be that not many of the people I follow on Twitter have joined yet.

What’s a Room?
Imagine you are at a house party, there are lots of different conversations happening in all sorts of rooms.  Some are big groups with one person holding court, some are small groups with intimate conversations that everyone is part of.  Each conversation is a ‘room’.

From Co-working rooms where you listen to your favourite playlist and work (remotely) with others, to Q&A sessions with industry leaders, there is no end to the type of rooms that are possible.

What are the Roles?
Since the conversations are not recorded, you have to be logged on to hear the chat.   Once you are in a room, you are either an audience member, a moderator, or a speaker. In a nutshell:

  • Audience Member
    You are on mute and can only be unmuted by a moderator.  You can raise your hand to ask a question, or quietly leave and move on to your next toom/conversation.
  • Moderator
    Every room has at least 1 moderator, chosen by the person who started the room. Their main job is to manage who can speak by inviting them ‘on stage’.
  • Speaker
    Speakers can toggle their microphone to join the discussion. There is no upper limit on how many speakers a room can have.

What are Clubs?
Clubs are groups of users who connect on a topics under a single theme.  The clubs include everything from the Startup Club, to StarWars conspiracy theory discussions and more! Some Clubs are private, and some are public, and you can belong to as many as you like.  Once you are part of a Club you get notifications when they start or schedule Rooms so you can join in if you are interested.

What’s the verdict?
I have some reservations. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving listening in on all these world leaders having candid conversations, I can’t get enough of the Q&As…but a lot of the time it feels like eavesdropping – is that weird?  That’s why we’ve started calling it creeping on Clubhouse, when you drop in, listen for a minute then jump into another room, like creeping on conversations at a party.  It takes some getting used to, but after a week of listening to the content, I am sold on the concept – no question, it’s a winner for me!

So that’s it – Clubhouse in a nutshell.  If you are already on, find us/me on @kukastudios

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